We operate nationwide

We operate

with a team of over 1,600 specialists

We support our clients by providing individual, intelligent services for the field of sales promotion, especially the handling of marketing-related logistics concerning the POS (Point-of-sale). To do so we have a large number of professional merchandisers and promoters at our disposal as well as a reliable back-office team. The key to the success of every campaign is the commitment of the people involved.
In addition to providing advertising logistics, we have an e-commerce driven warehouse for trading goods. With more than 20 years of experience, our team of over 50 dedicated employees ensures the efficient implementation of a wide variety of requirements on a daily basis.

The transparent agency.
Providing support and reporting in dialogue with our clients is our top priority. For this purpose, our employees use intelligent systems to process and compress huge amounts of data every second, so that we can enable our clients to generate speed and growth.

Team Database

All of our job titles are intended to be gender-neutral and refer to both male and female staff.



Team leader


Skilled Worker



Fair Hostess

Mystery shopper

Leasing Field Service

VIP Hostess


Call Centre Agent


Flyer Distributor