Retail Services

Travelling Merchandising

Keep an eye on your product presentations at all times. When it comes to optimal presentation of your brand and the resulting sales success, it is vital to ensure that you have the perfect look at the POS. Our team of travelling merchandisers, quality managers and our help desk work together to ensure optimal brand presence at your point-of-sale. Our Travelling Merchandiser Team not only takes care of the logistics, assembly, modification and installation of your materials, but also documents the appearance of your POS with evidence photos.

Real-Time Quality Management

Real-Time Quality Management

Our innovative app-controlled systems mean that you and our quality management team are informed in real-time about every operation and its current status. Our Quality Management Team inspects the materials, corrects them if necessary and ensures that your products are optimally presented at the POS.

Increased Advertising Effectivity

Increased Advertising Effectivity

Our on-site service includes the placement and assembly of shelving as well as the adaptation of shelving systems in structurally difficult situations. This increases the advertising effectivity of your product presentation and optimises the available space by adapting existing shelving systems. We provide punctual, area-wide positioning of your entire in-store and out-of-store advertising, and can update it if required. We can also perform repair and maintenance works as well as disassembly, storage, and disposal.

Our Retail Service Solutions


Overview of all advertising measures at the POS

Online monitoring of advertising campaigns incl. picture reports

Stocktaking and stock control of advertising products or furniture

Automation of planning by generating histories

App to monitor power frequency of field staff

Response analysis

Ratings of your clients or branches

Customer satisfaction analysis and reporting

Project Management

with personal support


and Quality Management

Call centre hotline for maintenance of client base in POS TOOLS

Provision of a service call number

Hotline for incoming calls from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Problem analysis and processing of complaints

Returns processing

Documentation of complaints


of POS furniture and materials


by car or truck logistics


Travelling Merchandising

Category-management support

Sales force support

Shop visits and audit preparation

Modification and installation, handling, assembly and disassembly by trained experts

Shop display superstructures, equipping of shops with POS material

Function test and on-site support of the technology

Placement, modification and shelf stocking

Restocking and inventory service

Rack jobbing

Mystery shopping

Live input of shop details into database via smartphone app



Planning, preparation and implementation

Helpdesk Support

In between the visits of our team, our helpdesk will take care of your POS. Repeat orders or complaints can be dealt with by our helpdesk team.