Logistics Service

Fulfillment Services for Your Sales Success

Fulfillment Services for Your Sales Success

As a fulfillment service provider, we offer you the full range of professional logistics services and allow you to focus on your core business. We can perform the complete warehouse process – from order acceptance to the development or integration of inventory management systems as well as both national and international shipping.

Transparent IT Systems for Your Logistics

Our innovative IT systems ensure complete transparency, meaning that you can follow every step in the process – from the receipt to the delivery of goods. We provide you with comprehensive, individualised reports that enable you to optimise the production of promotional materials.

Customised Packing and Packaging

Customised Packing and Packaging

We pack and package; we commission promotional materials or items, we install sales displays, create folders with various components or sets of articles, carry out repackaging or labelling work and optimise shipping costs.

Our Logistics Service Solutions


Overtime service and shipping within 24/48 hrs (domestic and international)

Customer service helpdesk

Returns management, spare parts supply and disposal

Special journeys/additional services for trade fairs


Provision of administration / accounting services


Takeover of the entire warehousing process / move from current warehouse to our warehousing system

Procurement and supply of promotional materials


Optimised process for the ordering of materials

Photo studio for the documentation of article warehousing/for the purposes of webshop illustrations

Use of our warehousing sytem/ connection to the client’s database if desired /database development for individual processing management

Inventory and stock monitoring

Lettershop and franking services

Project management

with personal support

Order- and goods acceptance

including quality control

Order picking

handling of promotional campaigns, POS packages and special shipments

Product refinement

Overpacking/co-packaging of materials and the add-on product incl. barcode application

Coordination of contract work

Response analysis

Precise distribution

Whether you need to supply your complete dealer network with POS furniture, provide your sales team with sales materials or quickly deliver catalogues to customers – we ensure the precise distribution of your promotional and POS materials.