CRM Services


There’s more to successful business relationships than just knowing the address of your target group. Who are the people behind the addresses, how do they behave, what do they like or not like? Client data can often reveal much more than you think. You should use this to your advantage.

CRM Database for Successful Mailing Campaigns

With our intelligent, specially developed IT systems, we record your contacts and all relevant data in your personal address database and update it on a regular basis. No matter which type of direct marketing campaign you are planning – we use our CRM database to quickly identify sales potential and select the correct target group for your mailing campaign.

Dialogue Centre

Use our dialogue centre to maintain your existing client base or to optimise the response rate of mailing campaigns. Follow up measures such as mail-call or call-mail-call can greatly increase the response rate.

Optimal Implementation of Direct Mail Campaigns

We are the right partner for you, even if you only plan to send out promotional material, catalogues or direct mail on a sporadic basis. Our trained staff will check the address data that you provide, store your advertising material and perform order picking as required. We optimise postage costs for your mailing campaign, frank the mail and ensure that everything reaches the recipients on time.

CRM Services – What we doe

CRM Activities

Database maintenance and development


Hosting and administration of the database

Address processing and correction

Address and database maintenance

Statistics & Reports

Call Centre

Telephone calls including address updates and feedback enquiries

Mail-call and call-mail-call campaigns

Support of clients, sales team, and partners

Maintenance of existing client base with POS tools

Project Management

with personal support


Mailing & Promotion

Storage of advertising material

Personalisation of cover letters and printing services

Folding, enveloping and individual adaptations

Packaging work

Optimisation of postage cost, postal delivery

Returns management

Feedback reporting

Transparent Campaign Management

Transparent Campaign

All information about the current status and success of your campaign is available to you in transparent form at all times. You can analyse throughput and response rates as well as the overall result of the campaign. In this way, you can take a targeted approach to significantly improving your customer relationship, decide which follow-up measures to take and sensibly manage your marketing budget.