DFD – Refit and Rebuild of the Warehouse for the Implementation of the New Customers. K+M Werbemittel GmbH and Nexen Tire Germany

In the context of the continued digitalisation of our processes in advertising material logistics, which involves the introduction of QR codes for each item, the associated implementation in our logistics system and the provision of adequate storage space for our new customers, extensive changes were necessary. In order to meet the requirements and needs of our new customers K+M Werbemittel and Nexen Tire, the storage and logistics areas in all hall areas were completely rebuilt and redesigned. In the course of the rebuild, new shelving systems were installed and existing shelving systems were supplemented or dismantled to be reassembled elsewhere. Planning, coordinating and implementing these measures during ongoing operations was both a challenge and a great logistical feat on behalf of the employees involved. neugestaltet. Im Zuge der Umgestaltung wurden neue Regalsysteme installiert,  bestehende Regalsysteme ergänzt oder demontiert und an anderer Stelle wieder montiert. Diese Umbaumaßnahmen im laufenden Betrieb zu planen, koordinieren und umzusetzen war eine Herausforderung und logistische Glanzleistung aller beteiligten Mitarbeiter.