Samsung put on a great event for the launch of its new flagship smartphones S9 and S9+,inviting its dealers and partners to join them at the Klassikstadt automotive museum in Frankfurt.

The motto was “Galaxy goes Street Art” and the museum had been transformed into a event location, which incorporated many details from the field of street art. There was greenery to be seen everywhere in the form of amazing hanging plants, street performers mingled with the crowd and the menu consisted mainly of street food such as burgers, hot dogs, fish & chips etc. The dessert menu was also influenced by the motto of the day, featuring ice-cream cones, chocolate-covered fruit skewers, candy floss and even a bubblegum dispenser.

There was a lot on offer and you could, for example, print your own canvas tote bags in a silk-screen printing workshop, have your nails painted with some fingernail art, see huge soap bubbles floating through the air or, owing to the great location, just take in the amazing classic cars.

There was lots to do for the kids as well. They could compete in Bobby Car races, play a game of

3-D Minigolf, try to knock over piles of cans, ride a rollercoaster in the VR-Station or be transformed into animals or mythical creatures at the face painting stand.

In the evening there was great music, show interludes and 10 Samsung S9 were raffled off. The big stars of the day were of course the S9 and S9+. One could test and try out the new devices everywhere and experience the quality of the new phones at first hand.

Once sales begin DFD’s Merchandising Team will ensure that Samsung’s new top models are presented in shops at point-of-sale. We were also responsible for setting up the test stations at the Galaxy goes Streetart event.