DFD – Participation in Deutsche Bank’s Talk for Entrepreneurs on June 13th 2018 at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport

The event bore the promising title “Made in Germany vs. German Angst” and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Ms. Wellhausen and Mr. Jacobi learned of a host of interesting approaches and perspectives for successful company management. According to a recent global study, “Made in Germany” is the most popular label in the world. It enjoys a worldwide reputation for reliability, functionality, lasting value, know-how and inventiveness. On the other hand the term “German Angst” is also a well-known international term that highlights more negative German character traits such as fear and scepticism. These can inhibit new developments, growth, and important changes. In which direction is German entrepreneurship heading against the backdrop of these conflicting traits? The topic 2018 “MUT – Made in Germany vs. German Angst” highlighted this fascinating dichotomy. Presenter and cabaret artist Timo Wopp opened the evening with the topic “What do I need to be successful as an entrepreneur in Germany?” He spoke about challenges, courage, risk, error culture and fear from an entrepreneur’s point of view, performing a very funny juggling act while doing so. Another highlight was the speaker Patrick Herrmann, who gave a humorous and equally thought-provoking lecture about courage and risk. These exciting approaches were the topic of lively debate in the panel discussion that followed, which was skillfully moderated by Timo Wopp. The illustrious circle was completed by Patrick Herrmann, Jürgen Veith founder of Tecosim and IoT, and Kai Giesel – Deutsche Bank’s Head of Business Customers for Central Germany. It was an interesting evening for all who attended.